Mr. Faizan Syed



Mr. Faizan Syed attended the University of Virginia and went on to complete his MBA in Finance at The Johnson School at Cornell University where he was selected to be a Park Leadership Fellow.

Faizan spent his initial career at General Motors. Post MBA, he worked as an investment banker for Barclays Capital (formerly Lehman Brothers), covering the auto sector. In 2011, he relocated back to Pakistan to serve as the CEO of Health Television, which is a part of Ziauddin Group. In January 2012, he launched and became the Founding Director of the College of Media Sciences at Ziauddin University. In 2013 he founded Hibalife, a brand that provides solutions for better living based on the principles of Tibbe Nabawi.

In 2015 he founded East River, a boutique digital agency specializing in online content creation and community management.

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